History of the Faculty

Since May 25, 2016, a new faculty of law and international relations has been established at Georgian  Technical University. The aim and objective of this faculty is to create one more competitive, strong and academic center giving complete and modern education in the Georgian educational sphere.

 The creation of the faculty had a strong basis. It was based on  the Department of Social Sciences, Department of Policy and International Relations and Law Department. In 2006 it was established on the basis of the Department of  Political science, Department of  international relations and diplomacy, Department of  Georgian history and culture and   Department of Philosophy and public relations. Since 2013 it  was functioning as a Department of Social Sciences and later as  the Department of Policy and International Relations,  headed by Doctor of Historical Sciences Professor Igor Kveselava,

 History of the Department of Law had begun from 1978 by creation of   the Chair of Patentology. Over the time the Chair was changing and expending and finally was formed as a Faculty of  Law. The faculty  had to  respond to modern challenges and compete to other higher education institutions. The faculty also had to respond to the requirements of time and modernity. The Chair and afterwards the Department was headed by  the most outstanding scientists and professors in the field of Law: Mindia Ugrekhelidze, Ketevan Kokrashvili, Zaza Rukhadze, Jemal Gakhokidze and Irakli Gabisonia.

 On January 23, 2017, the former member of the Academic Council, Doctor of Law, Professor, Irakli Gabisonia was elected as the first Dean of the Faculty of Law and International Relations. The Faculty has been responding to all modern standards and challenges. The Faculty has several training labs. They are:

– Criminalistics Laboratory  is equipped with modern technical means and serves  both   the development of professional skills and learning process.   The training process of A 4-level program of professional learning course has been developing in the mentioned laboratory .

– Criminalistics Laboratory of the Faculty of Law and International Relations of Georgian Technical University is a definite precedent as a laboratory existing on the training base. The Laboratory is a guarantee that the faculty will prepare a professional staff.

– Practical Law Clinic helps students to obtain   professional skills of Attorney. Students with professors and under supervision of experienced lawyers    conduct free legal consultations for  Socially vulnerable layers people.  The clinic is a clear example that students  can obtain both  theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which is the most important for their future professional activities.

– Laboratory of Public Law, the head of which is Famous Professor Emeritus Avtandil Demetrashvili. The laboratory is unique with its exhibits and library. Students can see the constitution, legal acts and other symbols of over 50 countries, including  the old Georgian  Legal Monuments, depicting expositions of the first and the current republic of Georgia.

 There are held  meetings with famous lawyers, prominent scientists, politicians.  They share their knowledge, experience and practice with students. The Faculty owns a learning sector in Russian language. The ethnic minorities and  students from neighboring countries are able to get education. The faculty also owns Georgian language courses, where students can study Georgian language and get education in Georgian.

Today we can say that our former  Department of Policy and International Relations and Department of Law already have graduates who are a successful and important part of our society, playing a great role in the development of our society and state. So our faculty, created on a joint basis, with the help of strong and merited professors, can play a decent role in the rebuilding process of our  state.