Study at GTU

Study at Georgian Technical University (GTU)

1. Student Admission to GTU
  • Student is a person according to the law of Georgia on higher education and GTU charter enrolled in and studying at GTU to complete the bachelor’s, master’s or certified specialist’s, as well as doctoral program.
  • Georgian citizens are enrolled in their first year of undergraduate studies on the basis of the Unified National Entrance Examinations;
  • Enrollment in Masters’ programs is done through the rules and regulations established at GTU;
  • Enrollment in Doctoral programs is done through the rules and regulations established at GTU;
  • To acquire grants to fund their studies students should refer to the statute of the Unified National Entrance Examinations;
  • The prerequisite for academic enrollment at GTU is administrative registration;
 2. Enrollment of the residents of foreign countries and the people without citizenship
  • According to the accreditation rules, GTU is eligible to determine the placement of foreign nationals and people without nationalities;
  • The enrollment of the foreign nationals and the people without citizenship is regulated by the legislation from the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science;
  • The prerequisite for enrollment in University is the written consent of the University Rector.
3.  Enrollment procedures at GTU through student mobility programs
  • A student is given the right to transfer to GTU only if he/she is enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education, or a program that has been accredited by the education legislation. The students from the Georgian conflict zones are eligible to transfer to GTU (Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, except Ajara municipality, and students from the Interim Administrative Unit of the former South Ossetian Autonomous Republic, except the residents of Kurta, Eredvi, Tirghvi and Akhalgori- until the Georgian jurisdiction is completely restored on these territories). In addition, the students from foreign countries who are enrolled in programs approved by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia are also eligible to transfer to GTU;
  • Student transfer takes place bi-annually, in the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. The student quota is allocated by GTU and registered at National Center of Education Accreditation.
4. Students who withdrew or were dismissed from the university are eligible to re-enroll in GTU according to the rules on reenrollment
· The Students who withdrew from the university or those students who were dismissed from the university can restore their student status according to Georgian law on Higher Education
5. Suspending a student status:
A student status will be suspended if:
  • A student didn’t register for classes on time.
  • If a student is suffering from a serious disease.
  • If he/she is pursues the studies abroad
  • Is on an academic leave.
  • If a heavy or extremely heavy criminal case is filed against the student
  • If a student recruited for military service.
A student on the academic leave will continue his/her studies from the academic semester when their student status was suspended.
In case of failure to meet the requirements of administrative registering procedures, and the automatic suspension of the status, the student can re-enroll from the semester he/she passes the registration.
6. Student rights and responsibilities
  • Receive a quality education;
  • Participate in research activities;
  • Get qualified advising on academic programs, various disciplines, and dates and terms of the examinations from their tutors.
  • Use GTU material and technical facilities, library and information resources and other means in accordance with the procedures established by law of Georgia on higher education, GTU charter, internal regulations and the statute.
  • Conform to the university routine.
  • Comply with the conditions stated in the agreement signed between a student and the university.
  • A student shall have a duty to study those subjects which he/she selected and which are compulsory as laid out in the higher education institution’s program and comply with the higher education institution’s charter and internal regulations.
  • A student is obliged express respect to the university possessions.
7. Higher education institution provides benefits for the students with disabilities in order to create essential conditions for their education, which is prescribed by enacted legislation, the charter of the higher education institution and the statute of a relevant faculty.
8. Semester fees:
The program fees are due to be paid in the beginning of every semester and is the same for every faculty and division. All students (Georgian citizens, citizens of foreign countries, and people without citizenships) enrolled at GTU for every academic levels the tuition fee is 2250 GEL.
9. Additional Semester
A student is eligible to apply to retake classes within the set terms of the program. A student who was unable to meet the deadlines of the academic program is eligible to complete the program by his/her own funding within no more than 4 semesters. The tuition fee for additional semesters is determined by the faculty dean’s office or according to the officially determined semester fees.
The amount of payment is determined according to the amount applicable to the credit score: 37,50 GEL for each credit accrued.
10. Acknowledging credits garnered at the institutions of higher education abroad
The number of credits garnered by the GTU students abroad and also the students who were transferred to GTU from other Georgian institutes of higher education, or from foreign universities will be acknowledged by the university academic council.
11. Student assessment
Different syllabi might have different requirements.
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a standard for comparing the study attainment and performance of students. ECTS credits are awarded for successfully completed studies.
Student assessment is done by the following ECTS Grading System:
ECTS Grading System:
B- very good
D- satisfactory
E- sufficient
FX-not passed (with opportunity to repeat examination)
F-failed (with no opportunity to repeat examination)
12. Awarding/revoking academic degree and diploma
A student is awarded a relevant academic degree after completing each level of education (undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D).
An academic degree is verified by the diploma and its official transcript, sealed and signed by the university rector and the dean of the faculty.
An academic degree of the Doctor (Ph.D) is awarded after the decision by the dissertation committee of the faculty. A diploma will be awarded after a student completes and publishes the dissertation.
Violation of academic norms can lead to revoking the doctoral degree after the decision by the dissertation committee.