Science Projects

The Faculty of Law and International Relations funded the following initiatives of the Centre for   Interdisciplinary Studies and Research. They are:   a) The collection "religion and state" is prepared for  publication. The author of the mentioned collection is Professor Mamuka Beriashvili. The collection includes  works of European and Georgian scientists on the above mentioned topics.b) Translation of Hegel's “Philosophy of  Law” is in progress.c) Translation of Immanuel Kant's collection "Political Letters of Kant" is in progress.


  Scientific projects funded in 2018

  1. "Harmonization of the Georgian legislation in compliance with the EU Association Agreement " project budget - 5200 GEL, project duration 1 year;
  2. " Contemporary International Relations"  - project budget - 87600 GEL; project duration 1 year;
  3. "The phenomenon of narcotic crimes, its detection, investigation and prevention tactics and methodology "- project budget – 65200 GEL, project duration 16 months;
  4. "Philosophy of Justice and Modernity" –project budget 72,000 GEL, duration  16 months;
  5. " State and Theory of Law" – project budget 44 000 GEL, duration  16 months;
  6. Arrangement and management of Bosnia and Herzegovina Post-Conflict State, and perspectives for their use in Georgia. – project budget 52800 GEL, duration 24 months;
  7. “Private Part of Criminal Law Crimes against Humanity"- project budget - 36000 GEL, duration 1 year;
  8. "Education Law" - project budget -  project budget 133200 GE, duration 2 years,
  9. "Translation of Kant's Political Letters" – project budget - 21330 GEL, duration - 18 months
  10. "Creation of a Criminologist Monograph" - Expense project budget -7200 GEL, duration 1 year
  11. Translation project - "International Law and International Relations" - project budget -52, 133 GEL, duration 12 months;
  1. "From Crime to Punishment" - project budget - 12 900 GEL, duration 7 Months;
  2. "Law of International Treaties of Georgia" - project budget 93 600 GEL, duration - 18 months;
  3. Health Care Law- project budget 177 600 GEL, duration 2 years;
  4. International Legal Systems and Local Self-Governance - project budget 48,000 GEL, duration - 1 Year;
  • Legal Methods - project budget 28,800 GEL, duration 1 year;
  1. The law of international treaties of Georgia - project budget - 93,600 GEL, duration 18 month;

18.   Gender equality and discrimination, Political-legal aspects - project budget - 104,400 GEL, duration  - 2 years,

2018 year, in total -1,057,730 GEL.


Scientific projects funded in 2017

  1. "Engineering Law" -  project budget 199, 200 GEL, duration - 1 Year;
  2. Political-legal and historical aspects of the constitutional development of Georgia -  project budget 55,200 GEL, duration 2 years;
  3. The philosophy of  law -  project budget 30,492 GEL, duration 1 year;
  4. Martin Heidegger's Philosophy in Social-Theoretical Connection- project budget 42, 231 GEL, duration 1 Year;
  5. Constitutional State and basic rights - project budget 27,300, duration 1 year;
  6. Aspects of Territorial and state political arrangement, governance and self-governance. (Historical political and legal analysis) - project budget 43,200 GEL, duration 12 months;
  7. "Exclusive Status of Abkhazia in Georgia State"- project budget 124,200 GEL, duration 3 years;
  8. "Investigation Law"- project budget 50,400 GEL, duration 1 year;
  9. Georgia in International Relations and International Law System- project budget 98, 400 GEL, duration - 2 Years;
  10. Problems of Domestic Violence in Georgia - project budget 400 GEL, duration 1 Year;
  11. "Linguo Criminology" - budget- 76 800 GEL, duration - 1 Year;




2017 year, in total –782,823 GEL.


Engineering law as a teaching program

The project has been approved, as GTU is the number one technical university of the country constantly pursuing renewal and innovation. In this regard, it is important to introduce new curriculum programs that will be focused on market demand. This project is a combined bachelor's program, namely a joint program of law and engineering, which will be implemented in the form of a separate engineering program "Engineering Economics". The joint program of engineering science and law, as far as we know, has not been implemented in any post-Soviet space university.

Therefore, Georgian Technical University, in particular, Faculty of Law and International Relations will be the first to lay down, implement and successfully realise the above-mentioned combined educational course. Interestingly, this course has been successfully implemented at the Sydney Technological University. According to the website of the Sydney Technological University, this is a joint course of law and engineering faculty, which includes teaching and deep knowledge of technical subjects. A number of activities are planned during the implementation process, which will be financed from the budget of law and international relations. Gtu rector academician Archil Prangishvili will be in charje of the project.

Dean of Law and International faculty Professor Irakli Gabisonia, GTU professor Jemal Gakhokidze and Associate Professor Giorgi Goradze will be the project managers . The working group, quality expert and technical personnel are also staffed. As a result of their joint activities, the undergraduate and postgraduate program will be created, after which the student will have double diploma as an engineer, as well as in law. Also, the project budget is composed of three expenditures. The Technical University of Georgia has the relevant material and intellectual base to implement the "engineering law" as a separate study program after proper training.

The graduate will have the opportunity to be employed as a lawyer in ecological law, technological legislation and special criminal law, consultant of engineering corporations, counselor or manager etc. They will develop critical and analytical skills with strong emphasis on the industry, which is necessary to understand complex relationships between engineering and law. The course is intended for students who want to get a full range of higher professional legal education along with engineering sciences. The course encompasses 264 credits, which gives students the opportunity to obtain higher education in the Bachelor of Technical Sciences and Bachelor Degree in a separate Law.

This project was developed by the Faculty Dean, Professor Irakli Gabisonia and the representatives of the Academic Department due to the growing demand for legal services in the areas in which the technical issues are needed. Such specialists are in great demand as in private law firms and mechanical engineering. Within the framework of the project will be developed both the Bachelor's and the Master's Program in Engineering Law, special literature by Georgian scientists will be created, foreign literature will be translated and a comprehensive curriculum will be developed together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. We are proud, as the foundation has been established, one of the most important things in the field of law and international relations is to establish a decent name in the field of education. Since this project serves the common goal of developing and implementing a program that does not have any university in the post-Soviet space

Scientific projects funded in 2016


  1. Research of theoretical foundations of communication engineering and   establishment of  its Basis  in Educational space of GTU - budget -  68 400 GEL, duration - 3 Years;
  2. . "Georgian mental dictionary" – budget 144,000 GEL, duration 3 years;
  3. . "Media Law" – budget - 86,400 , duration - 4 years;
  4. "Judiciary Eloquence" -  budget - 39,600 GEL, duration - 1 year;
  5. "Arabian Ethno-mental and ethno-cultural traces in Georgian reality "-Publisics and legal analysis- budget - 165,600 GEL, duration 3 years;


2016 year, in total –504,000 GEL.



The Book "International Law and International Relations" was Translated and Published

Under the decision of the council of Faculty of Law and International Relations of the Georgian Technical University, the Cambridge University Publisher concluded an agreement with the Faculty of Law and International Relations to translate and publish the book of the Cambridge University Publishing House (Beth A. Simmons, Richard H. Steinberg, International Law and International Relations). The above mentioned book has been selected in both directions of the faculty, as it deals with the current problems of international law, as well as the modern trends of international relations.
Within the framework of the project was created the working group (Mariam Jikia, Maia Gamsakhurdia, Igor Kveselava, Ketevan Jincharadze and Maia Amirgulashvili), which providing translation and editing of the book. Project duration was 9 months (from 19 September 2017 to 19 June 2018).
The total budget of the project is 39100 GEL and its funding is from the budget of the Faculty of Law and International Relations.