Signing the Memorandum between  Georgian Technical University and State Audit Service

On June 7, 2018 , the Director of the Public Audit Institute David Azmaiparashvili  and the Head of Quality Assurance Department of State Audit Office  of Georgia Vakhtang Kejeradze met with professors and students by invitation of the Faculty of  Law and international relations. Director of the Public Audit Institute David Azmaiparashvili, reviewed the main aspects of the activities of the public institution and underlined the importance of mutual partnership between the Institute and the GTU.Head of Quality Assurance Department of State Audit Office of Georgia Vakhtang Kejeradze  introduced   details of the memorandum and urged students to be more active.The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the State Audit Office, the Public Audit Institute and Georgian Technical University on the implementation of the academic training  program in the field of public audit. The meeting was summarized by Dean of Faculty of Law and International Relations of Georgian Technical University Prof. Irakli Gabisonia.

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