Research Institutes

Scientific Research  Institutes of Faculty of Law and International Relations

The Council of the Faculty of Law and International Relations headed by Dean Professor Irakli Gabisonia  aims at  encouraging  and facilitating  scientific works  of both  students and teachers. For the mentioned purpose the faculty has created the following research institutes:


Policy and Law Research Institute.

Commercial and Private Law Research Institute

Culturology Research Institute

International Relations Research Institute

China Research Institute.


On November 20, 2017, on the initiative of the Dean of Faculty of  Law and International Relations, Irakli Gabisonia by the Faculty Board was discussed the issue about creation of Electoral Studies and Promotion Center.

The members of Faculty board  unanimously supported the idea of creation of  a new  research   unit,  which would be financed with funds, received from state institutions and other interested parties which pay for  electoral studies.

The main directions of the activity of the scientific research centre are the following:

to work on scientific-research projects on election-related hikes;

to research legislative shortcomings;

to elaborate legal mechanisms and legislative proposals for their elimination, etc.

 Peace Education Center was created

On November 20, 2017, Peace Education Center was created at the Board of Faculty of the Law and International Relations, on the initiative of the Faculty Dean Professor  Irakli Gabisonia.

The members of Faculty board  unanimously supported the Dean’s idea to  create  a new structural unit of  scientific-research   operating on  self-financing principle.The  goals of the Center are: to promote t Peace Education  in Georgia;to support scientific research activities in the field of peacekeeping;to establish  peace values ​​in the society,In order to achieve these objectives, the main directions of the activity are to create a peacekeeping library and museum,to promote peace activism;

to encourage and support scientific-research activities;

to develop training programs aiming at peace education;

to translate scientific literature and so on.