Interdisciplinary Learning-Research centre

In 2017, the following events were implemented   by the Centre for   Interdisciplinary Studies and Research  “State-Law-Politics-Culture”:

  1. 1. From 23 July to 29 July, 2017, the Summer School entitled “Constitutional State and Fundamental Rights” was held in Zugdidi. The lectures and seminars were conducted by foreign and Georgian professors: Matias Kum ( from Berlin Free University and Stanford University), Georg Loman (from Magdeburg University) and Mamuka Beriashvili (from Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center – “State-law-Politics-Culture ” of GTU). The following  PhD students Levan Shatberashvili (from Bonn University)  and  Ketevan Rcheulishvili (from Kassel University) participated at seminar. The mentioned project aimed at facilitating academic and public discussions on relevant social, political and legal issues for modern Georgian space such as
    legal and social state, the main principles of the Constitutional State, basic human rights and freedoms, etc. All events were funded  by Faculty of Law and International Relations  


2.  In October 2017, Emeritus Professor of Bonnie Friedrich Wilhelm University and Institute of Philosophy, Theo Kobush was invited  at  Georgian Technical University. The Professor gave  several Public lectures and seminars on topic “Legal State as Social State”. 3. In November 2017, Professor Walterieshke  (Germany) was invited at the Georgian  Technical University.Professor delivered several Public Lectures on the following topics:

  1. Learning State and Law with Pufendorf, Tomasuus and Christian Wolf;

b)      Religious philosophy, the basic human rights;  4. On January 27 – 31, 2018, a winter school was conducted  in Kutaisi, at the base of LEPL Akaki Tsereteli State University. The invited foreign and Georgian Professors delivered several Public lectures and seminars on the following topics:

  1. Professor of the Erfurt University Johannes Weiss (Germany)
  2. Politics as a Vocation by Weber
  3. Problems of of Weber’s  Religious  Sociology
  4. Professor Emzar Jgerenaia (Georgia)

a)The main sign of European culture according to Weber’s “Preliminary Remarks”;b)The impact of religion on economic life according to the Weber’s “Protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism”.  III. Professor Mamuka Beriashvili:

  1. a) Legal state as a moral state (Part I);
  2. b) Legal state as a moral state (Part II).

IV Mindia Okujava

a)Contemporary views on legislative and executive relations;b)Principles of Legal State and some  peculiarities of  Authority Distribution of the .Constitution of Georgia;Also there was  held a Summary Panel Discussion and the managers of the winter school awarded  certificates to  participants for their participation.