Bachelor’s Educational Program – “International Relations”

The aim of the program is to prepare specialists with broad theoretical and practical skills in the area of institutional, economic, political processes, diplomatic and political relations in the system of international relations.

The program will give graduates the scientific and practical skills needed to evaluate and analyze the processes in international relations. It will provide in-depth knowledge on disciplines of specialty, such as foreign policy, international law, international organizations, globalization, conflicting, negotiations, etc.

The program develops for students research and critical evaluation skills on the aspects and issues of global policy such as establishing order in the anarchic international system by the development of international institutions, regimes, law and norms, fair use of force in international politics, transnational terrorism, anti-terrorism efforts, etc.

The graduator’s of programs will have: theoretical, conceptual and historical knowledge in the global policy and its neighboring disciplines; The impact of global politics on the various aspects of local politics and its role in the development of the country, as well as the importance of international cooperation in democratic processes and the interconnection of international relations with other social sciences will be understood; The ability to develop and realize their capabilities in a competitive environment in the practical work, based on the modern approach of international relations, analyzes and assesses various issues, as well as promoting the requirements defined by professional, ethical and legal (both local and international) norms.

All above mentioned is provided by Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Law and International Relations, Department of Policy and International Relations by the academic staff and practicing specialists in this field.

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