Master’s Educational Program “International Relations”  


The modern world of the integration processes and the most difficult challenges in the field of international relations has great importance of upbringing professional specialists and as well as a new generation. Such specialists will be able to study and analyze modern international problems in the context of international studies and research these problems using advanced scientific methodology and interdisciplinary approaches. The program encourages the dissemination of Western and liberal values ​​in young people, which has never been historically for Georgians. The Masters Degree Program in International Relations is designed to provide the most comprehensive knowledge of the student in international relations research theories, theories and subdivisions in order to prepare practical activities on one hand and on the other side to pursue doctoral programs. This master program provides and develops students extensive and at the same time specific knowledge of international relations in certain specialties. Students develop high-level research skills, learn how to analyze problems both in theoretical and practical level. The program enables students to expand the theoretical perspective, develop and improve the research, analysis and interpretation of international relations, acquire independent research habits.

The graduates of the program will have depth knowledge of international relations theories and practical skills; Deep and systemic knowledge of the importance of Georgia and the Caucasus region in international and European politics; Analyze the essence of globalization, the processes, the need to maintain their respect for Georgian reality and the preservation of cultural values; Deep and systemic knowledge of the main issues of international institutions; Ability to solve problems existing in politics, elaboration of alternatives and including the ability to select the best one among them; Ability to analyze influences on political systems of different economic and social processes; Have the ability to gather data, analyze and result in a reasonable conclusion using modern research methods in social sciences; Be able to write scientific letters and articles on topical issues in the field of international relations; Establishing grounded conclusions about ongoing political and socio-cultural processes; Can independently plan and extend knowledge based on the latest techniques in the relevant sphere through general analysis of primary sources, scientific literature and empirical experience; will have ability to develop adaptation and tolerance dependence in multicultural environment; the ability to evaluate the attitude of others and the dependence on the values of international relations and the ability to contribute to the establishment

of new values, knowledge of scientific ethics.

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