Central Library of Georgian Technical University is one of the biggest book storing facilities in Georgia. Unique storage of the library contains various textbooks, scientific and fiction books, including such unique publications (library rarities) that are stored only here. In particular, these are technical, engineering and humanitarian publications (VIII-XX cc) published in Georgia, Europe and America.

Important French, German, Russian and English engineering and historical periodicals stored at the library are of great importance for the presentation of the history of engineering (and not only) development process. Brockhaus, Larousse and Grant unique encyclopedias are also stored at the library.

There are fiction books in Georgian, English, Russian, German, French and other languages stored at the library. Millions of library units include books and periodicals. Library possesses considerable electronic data base of books and periodicals.

GTU Central Library maintains integrated library system “KOHA” ( providing search of both printed and electronic publications.

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List of books purchased in the second semester of 2018

 Name of books: 73

Number of books: 848

 total purchasing price: 16460

Faculty of Law and International Relations bought books for the library price of which is 100 000 GEL.

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The Faculty of Law and  International Relations increased the number of books in the  Library of  Georgian Technical University. Under own Faculty budget the Faculty  bought a number of  new books total purchasing price of which is 100 000 GEL . 
The priority for our faculty is to obtain auxiliary literature for students or professors which will develop  scientific and educational processes in the most efficient and comfortable  environment.



Address: Tbilisi, Kostava Str. 77, Administrative Building

Tel:          236 35 94 Vaja Papaskiri, director




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