Mock Trial of  Civil Law  

On  July 3, 2018, in the Supreme Court of Georgia, organized by Law clinic of the Faculty of Law and International Relations of Georgian Technical University was held mock trial of Civil law procedure.

The  participants were evaluated by  the selected jury members, including  Lawyer   of Georgian Young Lawyers Association Mikheil Jakhua and Senior specialist of  Parliament of Georgia Nikoloz Simonishvili.  The process was preceded by the training course (12 study meetings) where students  obtained  the skills of Lawyer;

This course was led by the lawyer of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association Mr. David Lomtadze. The winner team was revealed as a result of the competition. The team  consisted of the following successful students: Niko Merebashvili, Tornike Gakhokia, Martha Amiranashvili, Nino Khulusauri and Lana Sisoshvili. Nika Merebashvili, Sopo Darchia, Tornike Kapanadze, giga Gorgadze and Guga Magrolaria were awarded with  the title of the best defendant.

Together with the certificates, the participants were awarded with textbooks. Imitated trials  are aimed at utilizing the students’  knowledge they have gained into    practical work  and develop  skills required for their professional progress.Law clinic of the Faculty of Law and International Relations  still plans to conduct similar projects. Such projects will give students an  opportunity  to obtain skills of  lawyer  and learn how  to draw legal documents within the University

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