Summarizing the results of the scientific research project “Domestic Violence in Georgia”

On April 13, 2018, the Central Library of the Georgian Technical University held a meeting of the Extended Council of the Faculty of Law and International Relations, which was chaired by Prof. Irakli Gabisonia, Faculty Dean. As he noted, “research projects on the faculty are undertaken, several projects have already been completed, including” Domestic Violence Problems in Georgia “, Project Director was Professor Maia Kipiani, Project members: Prof. Irakli Gabisonia and Tsiala Gloveli Provision: Marina Chkartishvili and David Samarghanishvili. The project was implemented within one year from March 1, 2017 to March 1, 2018. Irakli Gabisonia, the Dean of the Faculty, handed over to the Project Director Professor Maia Kipiani to present the project report. Professor Maia Kipiani presented the presentation of the project, saying that “domestic violence issue is one of the most important issues in the modern world and needs to study the causes of the causes.” Within the framework of the project, complex scientific research, search and processing of the necessary materials, creation and publishing of the guidebook “Domestic Violence in Georgia” was carried out. Also, conducting the International Scientific Conference “World and Gender”, where 72 researchers took part, both from Georgia and abroad. The collection of conference works was published in which 45 scientific articles were published. Besides scientific work, other activities were also carried out to raise awareness: Student workshops on “Gender and World” and “Discrimination” were awarded with certificates; GYLA’s representative delivered a lecture on the topic “Femicide”; Winter school “Basic human rights and challenges of the XXI century” was held in Bakuriani. At the meeting a special interest was expressed in the “Guidelines for Domestic Violence in Georgia” discussion: The acute discussion on the work was held. The professors appreciated the majority of the votes represented by the research, positively evaluated the research carried out within the project and the authors wished to carry out further activities in this direction.

The acting head of the quality assurance service of faculty, Tea Shakulashvili, gave recommendation on an issued book to be used as an auxiliary guide

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