Summarizing the results of the scientific research project “Domestic Violence in Georgia”

On April 13, 2018, the Central Library of the Georgian Technical University held a meeting of the Extended Council of the Faculty of Law and International Relations, which was chaired by Prof. Irakli Gabisonia, Faculty Dean. As he noted, “research projects on the faculty are undertaken, several projects have already been completed, including” Domestic Violence Problems in Georgia “, Project Director was Professor Maia Kipiani, Project members: Prof. Irakli Gabisonia and Tsiala Gloveli Provision: Marina Chkartishvili and David Samarghanishvili. The project was implemented within one year from March 1, 2017 to March 1, 2018. Irakli Gabisonia, the Dean of the Faculty, handed over to the Project Director Professor Maia Kipiani to present the project report. Professor Maia Kipiani presented the presentation of the project, saying that “domestic violence issue is one of the most important issues in the modern world and needs to study the causes of the causes.” Within the framework of the project, complex scientific research, search and processing of the necessary materials, creation and publishing of the guidebook “Domestic Violence in Georgia” was carried out. Also, conducting the International Scientific Conference “World and Gender”, where 72 researchers took part, both from Georgia and abroad. The collection of conference works was published in which 45 scientific articles were published. Besides scientific work, other activities were also carried out to raise awareness: Student workshops on “Gender and World” and “Discrimination” were awarded with certificates; GYLA’s representative delivered a lecture on the topic “Femicide”; Winter school “Basic human rights and challenges of the XXI century” was held in Bakuriani. At the meeting a special interest was expressed in the “Guidelines for Domestic Violence in Georgia” discussion: The acute discussion on the work was held. The professors appreciated the majority of the votes represented by the research, positively evaluated the research carried out within the project and the authors wished to carry out further activities in this direction.

The acting head of the quality assurance service of faculty, Tea Shakulashvili, gave recommendation on an issued book to be used as an auxiliary guide

The Book “International Law and International Relations” was Translated and Published

Under the decision of the council of Faculty of Law and International Relations of the Georgian Technical University, the Cambridge University Publisher concluded an agreement with the Faculty of Law and International Relations to translate and publish the book of the Cambridge University Publishing House (Beth A. Simmons, Richard H. Steinberg, International Law and International Relations). The above mentioned book has been selected in both directions of the faculty, as it deals with the current problems of international law, as well as the modern trends of international relations.
Within the framework of the project was created the working group (Mariam Jikia, Maia Gamsakhurdia, Igor Kveselava, Ketevan Jincharadze and Maia Amirgulashvili), which providing translation and editing of the book. Project duration was 9 months (from 19 September 2017 to 19 June 2018).
The total budget of the project is 39100 GEL and its funding is from the budget of the Faculty of Law and International Relations.

Giorgi Goradze became member of the International Association of Constitutional Law

Giorgi Goradze, Associate Professor of Faculty of Law and International Relations, became member of the International Association of Constitutional Law. As a full-fledged member, he is invited to the Round Table in Shanghai (China) in April of this year and at the World Congress of Constitutional Law, which takes place every four years. This Congress will be held in the second half of June in Seoul, South Korea.
Professor Irakli Gabisonia, Dean of the Faculty of Law and International Relations, congratulates Giorgi Goradze with this success and wishes to move forward.

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For a Healthy Future

Faculty professors and students participated in the marathon with the initiative of the Faculty of Law and International Relations of Georgian Technical University and organizing self-governance for healthy lifestyle.
The competition was held at Lisi Lake where the participants welcomed the dean of the faculty, Professor Irakli Gabisonia and thanked everyone for the invitation and asked Professor Nestan Kirtadze addressed the audience with a few words.
Nestan Kirtadze welcomed marathon participants, reminded 25 February, talked about the importance of this day in the history of Georgia and thanked everyone for such an activity.

At the end of Marathon the winners were revealed.

I Place in Men was awarded Professor Henri Kuprashvili, ll-Zurab Kvetenadze, lll-Jemal Janashia

I Place in Women was awarded Professor Lela Tsiklauri, ll-Maia Kipiani, lll-Keti Kokrashvili

I Place in Student Boys was awarded Jemal Mirazashvili, ll-Nika Tarashvili, lll-Giorgi Goginashvili

I Place in Student Girls was awarded Zaira Mashalieva, II-Tamar Akhvlediani, III- Elene Nadirashvili

The conference has completed in Nurnberg

Assistant-Professor Ana Putkaradze and students Bacho Kvirkvelia, Lolita Karokuna, Ana Andriadze, Salome Nemsitsveridze, Mariam Amilakhvari and Tornike Songulashvili of Faculty of Law and International Relations of Georgian Technical University were participated in the conference in Nurnberg. On February 23, 2018, the opening event was held by BaYernMUN2018 in which 70 countries delegates were participated.

Students of Faculty of Law and International Relations of Georgian Technical University have already presented reports which concern such topics as:  human rights protection, protection of gender equality and free access to the environment, namely risks of water and air pollution.

Participants were allocated to the relevant committees and the resolution was adopted at the end of the event. The conference was completed on February 26. At the end of the event participants were awarded certificates.

The faculty students and assistant professor participation in this conference was fully funded from the faculty budget.

Georgian Technical University and Georgian Lawyers Association signed a Memorandum

On 2nd of March 2018 within the project “Meet the Employer” the faculty students and professor-teachers, were met the Chairman of Georgian Lawyers Association David Asatiani, the Executive Council of the Association and Members of the Ethics Commission.

The event was opened by dean of Faculty of Law and International Relations of Georgian Technical University, Professor Irakli Gabisonia, who thanked visitors for coming and in his speech he emphasized with a few words the faculty’s scientific activities, reviewed scientific projects, including Engineering Law, Media Law, Investigate Law and others. He also underlined the need to listen to the recommendations of the Practitioners in Accreditation and Authorization and to reflect their advice and opinions in the study programs and Syllabus. The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed at the meeting and both sides significantly evaluated the Memorandum between Georgian Technical University and Georgian Lawyers Association.

The Chairman of the Georgian Lawyers Association David Asatiani welcomed the students and professors, who emphasized the reforms planned by the Association, the possibility of moving to the French model and bending the mentor-attorney. He focused on the component that must have a practicing lawyer, including the client’s relation and communication, on the basis of the royal request, Lawyer’s bureaucracy, the principles of activity, aspects of artistic and protection the professional ethical norms.

Invited guests answered the questions of the faculty students and professors: Giorgi Chesan, Executive Director of the Georgian Lawyers Association; Giorgi Turazashvili, Member of the Executive Board; Tornike Bakradze, Inga Sekhniashvili and Gia Tabliashvili Members of the Ethics Commission:  Razhden Kuprashvili Member of the Revision Commission.

The meeting was actively conducted in question-answer mode.

Finally, the Chairman of the Association thanked the faculty leaderships, expressed hope for the prosperous future cooperation and urged students to be successful, because they could enjoy the benefits under the Memorandum.

The meeting was summed up by faculty Dean Irakli Gabisonia.


Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau met with students in the project “Meet Employer”

Within the project “meet the employ”  head and members of  Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau were invited by organizing of Georgian Technical University Law and International Relations faculty, on 20 January 2018.

The event was opened and greeted by Georgian Technical University Rector Academic  Archil Frangishvili, who spoke about the value of  inter discipline  projects, introduced scientific research work to the guests and made a speech about engineering law

The speech was made by the head of  Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau, George Tvauri, Secretary- George Murvanidze, head of psychiatric forensic department David Maghradze, head of biological forensic department Nino Yochiashvili, head of medical forensic department  Nino Kikabidze,  head of  Narcological forensic  department  Guri Menabdishvili

After the speech was discussed law curriculums modification in particular

  1. To add law psychiatry and law medicine to the elective block
  2. Matters of Engineering law introduction
  3. Criminal Law and Criminal Law process matters , what is connected with expert appointment


The meeting was summed up by Georgian Technical University Rector Archil Frangishvili

the secretary of the Notary Chamber met with students in the project “Meet Employer”

On 3rd of  February 2018 within  the project  “ meet the employer”  the faculty students and professor-teachers  , were met by  the secretary  of the Notary Chamber in Georgia Tinatin Devdariani, the members of Notary Chamber, Notaries: Megi maghladze and Manana Gogashvili, David Oyroshidze, Otar Golodze, Lali JanuyaSvili and Tamila GogatiShvili, In Georgian Technical University  central library.

The meeting was opened and greeted by  the International  relationship and Law faculty dean, professor Irakli Gabisonia, who introduced the project to the guests.

The meeting was led by the secretary of the Notary Chamber, who emphasized the work of Notary Chamber.

The member of the Notary Chamber Tinatin Devdariani, introduced the presentation about reforms  of Notary Chamber in front of the guests.

During the speech the Notaries: David Oyroshidze, Otar Golodze, Lali Januyashvili and Tamila Gogatishvili, focused on Notary service availability,  hereditary and marriage contract.

After the speech was discussed bachelor and master curriculums, the Notaries offered recommendation about the specific subjects.

Faculty International Relations and Law was given as the present juridical literature by secretary of Georgian Notary Chamber Tinatin Devdariani.

The faculty students asked questions and said about their desires to become notaries.

The meeting was summed up by faculty Dean Irakli Gabisonia.